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Sea Trek

The Sea Trek St. Maarten Helmet Dive Tour

is a 2 1/2 hour tour excursion. The tour starts with a 15 minute boat ride. Once
on board the Sea Trek platform your guide will give a safety briefing and will answer questions you may have. The underwater trek itself takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete; based on the number of guests, 2 separate tours

maybe made. Each tour will have 12 guests maximum and will have a minimum of 3 Sea Trek guides. While one group is underwater the other guests can snorkel while they wait. You can purchase photos taken on the trek.

(40 -  60) pictures of you, the group & the environment on a USB stick = $30).

You climb down a ladder from the Sea Trek dock that reaches 20 feet down.
The track, takes you past both natural and artificial reefs such as a submarine, a 
helicopter, and air plane, King Netune and 2 Canons salvaged from Fort Amsterdam. Once back to the beginning of the track loop you'll climb the ladder
back onto the dock while personally guided both up and down the ladder by a guide of safety diver.

The minimum age is 8 yrs. and being able to walk and climb a ladder. You should
be in good physical condition and sign a waiver. This tour is not recommended for
guests with physical disabilities, a pacemaker or claustrophobia, epilepsy, severe
asthman, or for women over 3 months pregnant. Max depth is 20 feet.

For more information you can contact us.

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