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Rendezvous Bay

Sail onboard Bluebeard and arrive in the beautiful Rendezvous Bay.  This bay is located on the Caribbean seaside of Anguilla where it gives you a breathtaking view of St. Martin.


Rendezvous Bay is amongst Anguilla's most impressive big beaches. Here you will enjoy a perfect lunch at Anguilla Great House and will have time to enjoy this beautiful place.

Take a walk along the beach to Bankie Banx's beach bar, drinks and plays exceptional reggae tunes.

Shoal Bay

After arriving in Rendezvous Bay we will get on our tour bus afer a short bus drive around the island you will arrive at shoal Bay, rated one of the 10 most beautiful beach in the world. A welcoming cocktail will be offered on the beach in the shade of raisiniers. 

Without a doubt this mile plus stretch of bright white sand and crystal blue waters is the most recognized scene for Anguilla.  Shoal Bay is a perfect spot for snorkeling with the reefs right in front of the beach. You will enjoy a perfect BBQ buffet lunch and Madeariman beah restaurant and will have time to enjoy this beautiful place.

@ 2:15pm return back to the boat and on our way back to St. Maarten. 

Wednesday & Thursday:

Rendezvous Bay & Shoal Bay (Anguilla)

Tuesday & Friday:

Prickly Pear

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