Friendly Island Activities 


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Welcome to Friendly Island Activities & Gift Shop website, yes, we have added on to our name.  But don’t let the name fool you we are still the number One Tour and Activity desk on the island. As we say we are all about serving our guests better we are also trying to be the number Souvenir and Beachwear on the island.

Visit us on the Boardwalk in Philipsburg by our Tiki Hut not to far from Walter Plants Pier and see why we call our self-Friendly Island Activities & Gift Shop.
From Activities, Tours to souvenir mugs, number plates, magnets, cover ups,
goggles, and much, much more. We are surrounded by sand, sea and restaurants, so if you are planning to stick around on the boardwalk let us know, we will make you stay comfortable we also rent beach Chairs & Umbrellas, and also Jet Ski for those who like the avenger.

From the Flying Dutchman,

Sentry Hill zipline, 360 View Deck, Schooner, and Rhino Safari these are some of the activities we have to offer.  Click on the Activities link above and see so far what all we have to offer.

Friendly Island Activities also provide service by arranging your tours and activities before you even set foot on the island  just call or email us.

Boardwalk View From the Tiki Hut